Life Church is a non-denominational community focused on helping you find freedom through Jesus, in a place where everyone is welcome.

Many people are wandering through life looking for fulfillment in everything this world offers but often find themselves void of the fulfillment they were desperately seeking. Jesus said that He came so we could have life and have life to the fullest.

We strive to help hurting people find the life that God intended for them, to find good community, and to be equipped to share the Love of Christ in their everyday life.


Life Church first began in July of 1940 as Brush Arbor Revival meetings on Woodland Ave. in Cookeville, TN. During these revival meetings a building fund was started, and in 1942 land and a building were purchased on Woodland Avenue for $40. Services stopped during World War II, but the building was remodeled and services resumed in 1950. The church stayed on the property at Woodland Avenue for 66 years, though several buildings were razed and new ones constructed.

In 2007, the church purchased an old picture frame factory (our current location). The land shares a property line with Cookeville High School (the fourth largest high school in Tennessee), and is less than a mile from Tennessee Tech University campus.

On July 27, 2011 we became Life Church, a nondenominational fellowship. As our Pastor has said of this change, “As I looked out over the congregation, you had Baptists sitting beside Methodists, sitting beside Episcopalian, beside Presbyterians, and I realized we’re not a denominational church. There were also people who I knew wanted to come here, but they didn’t want to be classified…That..was keeping people away.”

In 2016, after years of prayer for the region, we began a new venture of opening our first video satellite campus in Sparta, Tennessee.

In 2017, we opened our Celina, Tennessee missional campus. In the following year, 2018, we purchased land in Livingston, Tennessee and are currently raising funds to begin the building process.

Today, we are a growing church of over 4,000 with campuses in Cookeville, Celina, and Sparta, Tennessee.